CAP differs significantly from other security solutions in that a fundamental facet to CAP’s crime fighting solution is community involvement. CAP calls for its community members to take an in-depth interest in the success and efficiency in the eradication of crime in its suburbs.


Residents in each area support the initiative financially by contributing towards our Public Space Scheme. This is a donation and is not a fixed, but rather, a suggested amount.


Furthermore, the success of CAP relies on our residents being proactive and making the call, reporting any cases of suspicious activity and incidents to CAP’s ICCC. The community adds great value to the model as CAP cannot be on every street all the time. With calls placed by the community, CAP Tactical Units are immediately directed to the location where there is a problem/suspicious person/suspicious vehicle. These calls have directly impacted on the success of CAP.


Blockwatch is a team of trained volunteers who are residents in CAP areas. CAP calls on blockwatch members when an area is on code red (three or more contact crimes within 21 days), or when there is specific information that warrants extra eyes and ears on the ground. 


Volunteers are trained by CAP and are briefed as to what specifically to look out for, and to radio in anything suspicious. 


If you'd like to join blockwatch please email