Building a smarter, safer community together.

Powerful security solutions using remote monitoring with local response, enterprise-grade technology, and operated by CAP’s unrivalled team.

Since our inception almost 14 years ago, CAP has utilised CCTV to help beat crime. Advances in technology and the availability of fibre now allow us to deliver remote protection to homes, businesses, complexes and estates. Today, CAP monitors thousands of cameras across hundreds of sites and is established as a leader in the off-site monitoring industry. 

Smartguard makes sense

Many complexes, businesses and large homes are pressured by decreasing budgets, non-performance by service providers, aging systems and an increasing criminal threat. CAP has risen to this challenge, and Smartguard offers an effective, high-value approach to replace or augment onsite guarding, update systems and better secure your homes and businesses.

What makes Smartguard so effective?

For the community

CAP is communally owned and operates on a non-profit basis – every cent collected by CAP is used to fight crime. This is the same model followed by the world’s great education and health institutions and has allowed CAP to successfully deliver safer communities for all.

Sustainable and reliable

Smartguard solutions are structured using high quality equipment, and uptime of every element of our solution is typically over 98%. Rental contracts are structured to keep systems up to date, with no unexpected spend, and guaranteed long-term delivery.

Part of the CAP team

Smartguard is the only offsite monitoring product that can directly dispatch CAP’s Tactical team. This, together with our in-depth understanding of crime and drive towards a single goal of making our communities safe, makes Smartguard a compellingly unique proposition.

Transparent and secure

Smartguard clients receive extensive incident reports, as well as monthly analytics on system performance. CAP’s governance and processes provide peace of mind that all data is secure, and privacy is maintained under all conditions.

Designed for success

Every Smartguard site is designed by one of our solutions architects. These are security professionals with significant experience and training. Our proposals include detailed deliverables and images, to ensure the solution is deployed effectively.


Remote monitoring is not a solution in itself – it must operate as part of an overall approach. Our solutions architects will include vehicle patrols, panic buttons, onsite guarding, audio and other countermeasures as determined by the risk on the site.


The level of satisfaction we have had from a security, service and interaction perspective has never been short of incredible.

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