Panic Kit


This is a mobile panic kit which can be installed at a guard hut or in a house as opposed to an alarm system.


As with a full alarm system, upon activation, a vehicle will be dispatched and a call will be made simultaneously.

Pre and Post Employment Checks


Before hiring domestic staff, contractors, or security guards, CAP can, for a nominal fee, provide polygraph, reference and past employment checks. In addition, we will also do a thorough criminal background assessment and take fingerprints. 


CAP highly recommends installing a Digi Pad at your gate. A digipad is an electronic keypad that can be installed on your gate to allow our CAP tactical officers access to your property in the event that CAP's Control Room is unable to contact you or receives an activation. CAP's Control Room will keep the combination on our system and will only give this code over to the tactical officers when and if necessary. 

This code can be changed as often as you wish