It’s that time of the year - when the community comes together. Help say thank you to your CAP officers and controllers for keeping us safe,wherever we are. 

For many years CAP has facilitated collections for a year-end gift from homes and businesses in our communities to our Tactical Officers and Controllers. These collections are received from community members and then distributed to officers and controllers within CAP’s Teams. The purpose of the collection is to ensure that your gifts are fairly split between each officer and controller. 

You see... in the past some of our officers would be given gifts individually by community members. As amazing as this is, it is not always fair as other CAP officers were often not as lucky to receive.  

Together we do our best to make our communities safer and so it is fitting that together we collect and then share our generous year-end gifts.

We are grateful to all of our incredible residents and the year-end gift is not expected but simply an added "gift" for those that are able to give.  

Why do we ask community members to pay year-end bonuses on top of monthly payments to CAP?

The funds collected from residents for armed response and public space fees are used to resource CAPs operations. As CAP is an NPO all funds received are put back into the communities we protect and utilised to continue our crime-fighting initiative. These funds provide for running costs and ensure CAP communities are kept safe.

Does CAP pay its people well and give a bonus to officers and controllers?

CAP is proud of the fact that we continue to remunerate our people at higher levels than industry norms. As required by law, all of our officers and controllers receive a statutory bonus in the form of a 13th cheque on their date of engagement.

Notwithstanding the above, our teams are paid relatively small amounts of money – and the top-up they receive from the community at the end of the year is meaningful.

Who qualifies to receive a year-end community bonus?

These funds are divided equitably between officers and controllers who are eligible to receive the bonus. There are exclusions for managers, and the gift is apportioned based on the employee's start date. The year-end bonus is received by 375 officers and 70 controllers.

Can you get a Section 18A by contributing?

No, the reason for this is that these funds are not being donated to CAP and then being used to further our resources. The officer year-end appreciation funds are collected and then directly handed to those who they have been collected for. CAP simply acts as a conduit for the collections.

Our Banking Details

For payment via EFT

​Bank Name: ​                        Mercantile Current Account

Account name:                 GJCAP

Account Number:          1050663179

Branch:                                    Sandton

Branch code:                      450905

Reference:                            B + Your name and area

For payment via Credit Card

Thank you to each and every resident for your ongoing support!
Wishing you a happy,healthy and safe 2022