As we approach the festive season, it’s time once again for the CAP community to show their appreciation to the CAP officers on the ground for all their hard work and dedication.


The CAP officers are already rewarded with a statutory bonus in the form of a  13th cheque on the anniversary of their employment. This year-end thank you gift is purely a thanks, directly from the community, and is an obligation-free ask. 


CAP is a proactive, anti-crime initiative, built around a state-of-the-art Incident Command and Control Centre (ICCC).


CAP is community-based, non-denominational and non - profit. As a non-profit organisation, CAP injects all funds that are brought in, directly back into the area itself.


CAP’s ultimate goal and duty is to ensure everything and anything that can be done to prevent crime is done, without the motivation of profit. ​


In 9 years, CAP has successfully reduced violent crime across our areas by a staggering 80 - 90%.


call us:

0860 332 332

find us: 

2 Osborn Road Houghton Johannesburg 2196