We’ve put systems in place for each stage of this viral outbreak that will help flatten the curve and ensure we continue living our purpose – keeping you, your loved ones and our staff safe.


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CAP is a proactive, anti-crime initiative, built around a state-of-the-art Incident Command and Control Centre (ICCC).


CAP is community-based, non-denominational and non - profit. As a non-profit organisation, CAP injects all funds that are brought in, directly back into the area itself.


CAP’s ultimate goal and duty is to ensure everything and anything that can be done to prevent crime is done, without the motivation of profit. ​


In 9 years, CAP has successfully reduced violent crime across our areas by a staggering 80 - 90%.


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0860 332 332

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2 Osborn Road Houghton Johannesburg 2196